Top 5 destination spots for a family vacation

A number of large resorts are now finding ways to attract more family’s to their destination. Many of the resorts, hotels, or motels, offer the parents a huge discount on lodging for the kids. Some even offer free lodging. This should make those destinations one of the top 5 destination spots for a family vacation. Let’s take a closer look.

Washington, D.C. is one of the top 5 destination spots for a family vacation. Think about all the history that occurred in the capital of the United States. There are dozens of government museums, and monuments for the family to visit. Don’t forget to take the kids to visit the White House. They might get a tour of the Capital. In fact, Washington, D.C. is very family friendly and easy on the budget.

New York City is another one of the top 5 destination spots for a family vacation. Sure, the big apple is the city that never sleeps, it is also the city that is packed with plenty of historical buildings, monuments, museums, and more. This is a great destination for a family to take a walking tour down Broadway. Visit the Statue of Liberty. Take the kids on a ride to the top of the Empire State Building. The view is breath taking.

Orlando, Florida is on everybody’s mind during the summer. It is one of the top 5 destination spots for a family vacation in this century and the next. There is a great deal to get excited about in Orlando. Visit Disney World, Sea World, Universals great attraction.

Anaheim, California is certainly at the top of the list. People love Disneyland and all the adventure that is waiting there for them. There are also wonderful beaches nearby, along with great museums. Don’t forget to check out the hot balloon rides over the city.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a top 5 destination spot for a family vacation. Picture sunny beaches and a sunny sky. The Everglades are only a short distance away. Kids should love the sunny beaches. Great place to explore and build sand castles. Afterwards, take a trip to local museums or sample local food.

Sun, fun, history, excitement, and adventure are waiting for everybody on these wonderful family friendly vacation spots.


Adjust your fashion style according your destination

It’s a given that if you are going on vacation or a work related venture, you may need to adjust your fashion style according to your destination. This is true especially if it is a different climate. You will have a miserable time if you bring shorts and flip flops to Alaska. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks on how to pack for any trip, to ensure you are comfortable and you fit in.

The best thing you can do before packing is to conduct a little research. You can look up photos of your destination online, along with the average temperature at the time of year you are traveling. Especially in cases where you are traveling overseas, it is a safety concern how you dress. Some countries may find certain pieces of clothing offensive. You certainly don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself. In this case, dressing moderately is best.

Once you’ve researched your destination and you’ve seen photos of how the commoners dress, you can begin to pack. Here are some typical types of clothing for different destinations.

• Jamaica – Most natives only wear shorts at the beach. Everywhere else, jeans and a t-shirt are common. In the areas that aren’t tourist, it is best to dress conservatively.

• Middle East – Though it is hot, it is best to cover your skin with light, airy fabrics. You should protect your skin from the sun rather than wear tank tops and shorts.

• Russia – Weather is unpredictable. Always bring a light raincoat that you can fit in a bag. Purses are carried more often than backpacks. Women wear mostly skirts and dresses. A scarf is necessary for your head in some churches.

• China – It is best to wear basic colors, like black, white, blue, and grey. People in China do not try to draw attention to themselves, so conservative is a must here.

With a little research online or in your local library, you can easily plan your style for your trip. Another idea is to chat with a travel agent, or visit a travel website. They likely have more tips like those above that are catered to your exact destination. In any case, it is always best to pack a variation of items for each type of weather, and choose conservative over flashy. You also cannot go wrong with comfortable shoes.


Why keep your body healthy while on extended trips

You have just booked the most expensive trip of your life, and you are wondering why you should keep your body healthy? Its a no brainer. In order to enjoy your vacation, or your trip, your body has to clique correctly, or you become miserable.

You’ve just thrown yourself into surroundings that are not your own. You aren’t in your own bed and you are out of your comfort zone. The least you can do for yourself, is take it easy and do things that work for you.

Start with your digestion and your stomach. One of the top things we all do when we travel is to destroy the diet. So, for once, take if slow and find the right things that you should eat. Stick to a good balanced diet. Meaning, you should be eating unprocessed meats and fresh vegetables. It’s not always easy to find fresh produce or milk products when you are away from home, but you can ask. You would be surprised how many places actually do sell them. If you are used to organic items, don’t be shy about requesting them. If they don’t have them, do the best you can. Make sure they are washing and preparing to the health departments specifications. Not that they wouldn’t, and best not to make yourself a pest, but again, you can ask about their procedures.

Then there is the liquid issue. You know, to drink or not to drink? If you aren’t a big drinker, probably better steer clear of the alcoholic beverages. It will get you all messed up, and you are traveling after all. If you aren’t alone, and a good glass of wine is calling your name, then make sure your partner will be your designated driver. That way you can enjoy and still make it to your bed safely. Don’t over do the drinks. Waking in a strange place with a hangover, just makes things miserable, and not all of us carry a medicine cabinet in the suitcase to recover with.

And lastly, make sure you have some where comfortable to sleep. If this is a spontaneous trip to Aunt Jayne’s for a weekend, take some amenities with you. Say for instance, your own pillow or even a robe and slippers for taking in the sites of the house. But, with a hotel, you don’t have that advantage. The best you can do, is make sure it’s clean with fresh linens, and has a good reputation of no bugs in the beds.

All in all, if you do all the above mentioned tips, you should be able to have an extended trip without too many difficulties. Taking care of your body and your mind, make for some wonderful trips away from home. So, take care and go travel, it’s a fun thing to do.


Tips in choosing your dream vacation villa

Vacation villas are the perfect way to enjoy time in a beautiful setting. They provide the comforts of home and are generally better accommodations for the money than the typical hotel room. Renting a vacation home is perfect for family trips and provides plenty of room for people traveling in a group.

A good place to start when shopping for a vacation home is popular vacation destinations. Locales that receive a lot of tourists each year typically have a wider selection of villas at competitive prices. Finding the right size home with the desired amenities is easier when a larger choice is available. Often, homes that are competing with each other for renters will offer special deals to entice customers.

Studying reviews of the property can give prospective renters an excellent feel for the home. Several reputable websites offer reviews of vacation properties. The write ups are generally written by consumers who have stayed in the homes and can give an honest opinion of the condition, location and amenities of the villas. Potential renters can also get a bird’s eye view of the home and surrounding area by taking a satellite peek on one of the internet’s satellite image viewing services.

It is crucial to find out exactly which amenities are included with the rental. A detailed list should be requested and carefully read. Often, surcharges are applied with rentals and the rental fees may not include utilities. If utilities are included, it is important to note whether or not a cap is set for usage.

Carefully reading the paperwork before sending any money will help avoid any unanticipated surprises. Fine print often includes fees and penalties that are not mentioned in a property’s brochure or on its webpage. Issues like cancellation policies, deposit return and cleaning fees should be noted. Generally, villas that are rented through a real estate agent will have the proper legal documentation for the rental area; the rental cost will likely be a little higher though because the homeowner has to pay for the realtor’s services. A better deal may be secured by working directly with the property owner, but a careful review of the paper work is crucial.

Whether travelers are looking to soak up the sun in the Caribbean or spend their days traversing down ski slopes, vacation villas are an excellent way to enjoy great accommodations at a reasonable price. Reviewing options and researching properties is the best way to get a great deal.


How to keep yourself preoccupied during travel

Traveling can be a hassle if you do not have things to keep you preoccupied. It can get boring and start to seem like the trip is taking forever. However, there are many ways in which you can preoccupy yourself during travel, and here are just a few.

  • Music
  • - Music is a great way to keep yourself preoccupied and distracted while traveling. Bringing your favorite Cd’s, an iPod, or any music player would be a great way to keep distracted. It is entertaining and can quickly pass time before you know it.
  • games
  • - Games are also a great way to pass the time of traveling. You can play many different games such as, road games if you’re driving, or bring portable game devices.
  • read
  • - Reading is a great way to keep preoccupied. You could bring a few of your favorite books or magazines, and if you are driving audio books would also be a great entertainment.
  • word puzzles
  • - word puzzles can pass a little time by. Bringing your favorite puzzles and activities are another way to keep preoccupied.
  • assignments
  • - If you have any work assignments or homework, traveling could be the perfect time to plan your assignments or get things done. You will have plenty of quiet time to think.
  • portablle DVD player
  • - Bring a portable DVD player and some of your favorite movies to help time pass.
  • enjoy the scenery
  • - There can be many beautiful places to see while your traveling, sometimes it helps to just sit, relax, and enjoy the scene while time passes.
  • sleep
  • - If you are not driving, sleeping is a great way to pass the time by quickly. The day before the travel, stay up longer and sleep the ride away.There are many ways to keep preoccupied while traveling, and these are just a few.


Tips on spotting investment trends while traveling abroad

There are two important factors involved in spotting investments when traveling abroad. These factors are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Trends based on financial require fundamental analysis. Stock prices from the past require technical analysis. Both are very important skills to have. Investors understand what to buy when they use fundamental analysis techniques. Technical analysis gives investors information, so they know when to buy. Both methods give investors trends that they can monitor. The tough part is understanding when to invest because a great trend can become stale fast.

To spot a trend and be successful, you must select a time to conduct your analysis. The market varies greatly. Treads can be fantastic during many times of the year. Trends that are popular for a long time are more volatile. Trends should be selected based on the investor. A investor who searches for trends daily searches for trends each minute. Retirement plan investors, however, generally search for long term investments.

One of the best methods used by great investors is research. They get prices from the companies before they invest. They use the information to plot prices. Research from the past year is also helpful, particularly annual reports. It will contain finance statements from the company. Investors get reports by contacting a company’s investor relations department.

Use graph paper and plot sales of the company’s new income from the past five years. During this process, search for things that repeat. When income increases and the revenue is does not, this means costs are decreasing.

Price charts can also help investors search for things because charts can track stock. High prices and low prices help investors determine the direction of the stock.

All the information from reports and charts should be used to compare things to larger industries and economic trends. Search for trends based on the day, the month, or the year.


What are best social media services that helps you keep in touch with your family while traveling

When it comes to going on vacation, you shouldn’t be cut off from the rest of the world if you do not want to be. Some people feel anxious and nervous about not being able to stay in touch with their family while they are away, and the world of social media outlets have been more than accommodating when it comes to this fear. So if you are headed out on vacation, you should consider a few of the best social networking and social media applications and services that will keep you connected even when you are half a world away.


The obvious frontrunner in the world of social media in general is Facebook right now. This is an application and a website that is going to allow you to chat with friends and family, post pictures of your time away from home, and give people updates regarding what is happening with you. This is instant access to the daily lives of everyone you care about, and a way for them to see instantly what you are doing and how your trip is going.


This is a little more obscure in the world of social media, but it can be an effective tool of sharing information with your friends and family. Whether you are posting pictures and videos with your followers to tell them what you are doing and where you are, or you are looking in on what people you are following are doing, this is a live feed of photographic information.

Google Plus

Google plus is a strong networking tool for people with internet connectable and mobile devices. This service is one that allows for chatting (also known as Hangouts), calling through the service to landlines and cell phones, video chats and the sharing of images with your selected groups and social circles.

There are plenty of social media options for those people who want to stay connected with their people while they are out away from home on vacation. These three seem to be among the favored options for those looking for more of a back and forth response, and less of just a chronicling of what is happening on their trip for others to see. There are plenty of sites for that, but these allow for a back and forth through text, video chat, timelines, photographs and videos.